In Sanskrit, “ADI” means “First”, so essentially ADI-YOGA would imply the “First-Yoga” or “Authentic or Original Yoga”. We would like you to think ADIYOGASHOP represents authentic, original, fair trade, earth and human conscious and sustainable products. This is what you can expect when you shop with us.

The birth of ADIYOGAMAT and thus ADIYOGASHOP are truly the manifestation of letting go and letting what is to be, be. Approximately 11 years ago, the founder of ADIYOGAMAT’s body began to manifest the beginning stages of auto-immune disease. 5 years in, the situation would overcome his life as he knew it, completely. This profound journey has brought many experiences, thus opportunities to share with you, what is possible. Many blessings have been realized through the wisdom gathered along the way and as such many of the products available here have been instrumental in the healing that is and has taken place. The collection of items available on this website has been consciously compiled and offered with love. If we don’t believe in the product, we won’t sell it, period. We truly believe or experience these items to be a more conscious way of consuming and living and as such we invite you to ask questions and learn more!