Most yoga mats available today are made of un-natural and potentially harmful materials to the earth and human life. Skin for the human being is the largest organ, absorbing what is applied to it. ADIYOGAMAT’s authentic yoga and meditation mats are consciously made with this in mind. Natural materials enhance your yoga and meditation practices through infusing plants and herbs, which have natures natural healing properties helping promote improved over all well-being. By using a ADIYOGAMAT yoga mat you are consciously choosing health for your or your loved ones.

ADIYOGAMAT is very proud to offer a not so new alternative to modern meditation and yoga mats. Our authentic yoga and meditation mats are individually hand made using ancient traditional weaving methods. First the yarns are hand spun and prepared for Ayurveda herbal dye formulas which have been handed down for over 5000 years. All natural materials provide the bodies senses with a natural experience. There are no harmful toxic chemicals and each mat is earth friendly. By utilizing natural materials, combined with the potentially healing energies of the herbal dyes, the yoga practitioner or “yogi” or “YOU” are increasing the opportunity of a more pleasurable sensory experience while practicing a daily yoga or meditation routine.

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